Tanning beds? Come on ladies, we know better!
Every year you want to have that bronze-colored skin but are not familiar with all consequences of tanning beds? Don’t leave yet – you should probably read this one! There are women sunbathing, those who go to tanning beds and those who use tanning spray. You all want to get that perfectly looking color like you just came from Hawaii right? But what actually is the best solution you ask? Sunbathing has been recognized as the most natural way of tanning, but is it safe though? It is right you can get the natural bronze look but you should always remember to put sun blockers, after all, you don’t want to harm your skin right? Please do use SPF – there has been evidence that too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancers, melanoma, wrinkles… But what if you can’t afford Hawaii? What are you gonna do – book in for a spray tan or will you have a quick dose of some UV lights in a tanning bad? That’s right – UV lights! Tanning beds are not really an artificial light, you are being burnt with actual ultraviolet rays. What you have to know is that being exposed to those harmful ultraviolet lights will probably damage your skin cells, thus increasing the chances of premature skin ageing (wrinkles, brown spots etc.), as well as skin cancer. That being said, tanning beds are no better than exposing your skin to sunlight without SPF. International Skin Cancer Foundation has revealed some shocking statistics over the past couple of years. In US alone almost half a million of skin cancer cases can be attributed to indoor tanning. If you are still thinking that you won’t be one of them read this: worldwide, there are more skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning than there are lung cancer cases due to smoking. So is it worth it? Definitely not! We all know why women are so horrified about spray tanning. There are instances when some salons do a lousy job and some women even do it by themselves. And then it turns out to be a disaster (we know). But don’t worry, there are new techniques that will get you that bronze beauty and you can get it without nasty yellow stains on your clothes. We can do much better than that! So please ladies, no more tanning beds - we should all know better! Spray tan doesn't damage your skin or increase your likelihood of getting cancer. Choose that one!