Hello my dear friends Quite a time passed since my last post! I hope you started well in the new year, the new decade, the new fortune! As my person is concerned, the start was pretty relaxed because the following days were full of birthday events. My mum and my aunt celebrated their birthdays and as we are really hospitable family, we had some lovely friends in our house and thats why there was always a bit of preparation to do - tidying, baking, cooking, making drinks, collection all the stuff from the supermarkets - well you know what I mean ;) It was so wonderful and we all enjoyed, having the best ones in our house, but it was challenging too ^^ And so the first and the second week passed really quickly and school began too and to motivate my pupils after the holidays there is a bit of work necessary too, you know? Today I want just to give you a slight glance of my own attitude towards the last year! I have to admit, that the year 2019 was stuck full with so many things, wonderful and not so wonderful ones, but it was a really tough year! Many things got started - now Im self-employed too with a direct marketing of cosmetic products and I have to tell you that I really, really love it so much it is a welcome change to my life as a teacher I found my very own petit palais aka my new home, which is right under construction and hopefully will be ready at the beginning of May! In school I got a special position as Im responsible for the taster students. My mum had to struggle with my aunts and this caused a bad impact on my mood too. Besides Ive found my best friend ever besides my family members during my language holiday in Paris. The connection to my sister is better than ever before well, there are so many things to tell, but I dont want to to go beyond the scope.! This is just a little insight. And so, at the conclusion I hope that the following year will be much better! I keep on believing in the most beautiful things and yessss, I know that the stars are on my sunny side All the best to all of you! #happynewyear #hny #ny #nye #newyearseve #2020 #goodluck #happy #smile #love #fashion #style #history #mango #pencilskirt #check #tassels #midi #editedthelabel #shorthair #nature #blackwhite #monochrome #gaucho #western #hope #believe #stars #family #party #event #riedau