Your Best American Girl - Mitski
Can you guys believe its 2020 and the start of a new decade? Time is flying and I dont quite know what to do about it. I turn 25 in exactly two months and thats terrifying. We are heading into my quarter life crisis so hold on folks. It could be a rocky ride. And now that its 2020, that also means Ive had my blog for NINE years now (its birthday is May 16 so technically 8.5 but you get my gist). NINE. Thats almost a decade. You know whats also shocking? Ive had my blog for a third of my life. I dont even know who I am anymore without ze blog. Wow, can you tell Im already having an existential crisis? Changing subjects now before I have a panic attack. Lets have a chat about leather pants. Faux leather pants to be exact. My mom hates them but Ive been living 24/7 in these. I picked them up during the Zara Black Friday sale. I actually did a whole video showing what I bought during that sale so check that out here (and try not to make fun of me too much). I have been wanting a new pair of leather pants for a while ever since Aritzia started getting in the cutest ones, but I was hesitant to pay $150 for them seeing as they are a very niche trendy item. I doubt theyre going to stay popular for much more than a year. And so, when these beauties when on sale for 50% off at Zara, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out the trend without committing to that price tag. But guys, damn, I love these pants. Ive never been much of a sweatpant kind of gal but these are pretty darn close to sweatpants. I know what youre thinking- how on earth are leather pants the same as sweatpants?! But these are seriously so comfy. They are lined with a faux suede so theyre super warm and cozy. They have an elasticized waistband so you can eat as much as you want in them and they are a jogger style that are basically the same shape as sweatpants. They are synonymous. These leather joggers have changed my style for the better lately. Ive been wearing them with different combinations of sneakers and oversized wool coats to stay warm but cute. Today I paired my pants with this Aritzia Charlize Coat. This is my favorite coat. Okay fine, its one of my favorite coats, but seriously, I wear it so much. It was definitely worth every penny (it cost a lot of pennies, so it better be). Its a single faced boiled wool so although its thin, its surprisingly warm. I just love the length and the oversized-ness of it because it feels like Im just wrapping a blanket around me. Plus I just think its super cute in the rusty red colour and the shawl neckline. Its just a great coat. Aritzia recently released it in a beige/camel shade as well so Im contemplating getting that one as well. But do I really need the same coat in two colours?! (Please ignore the fact that I have the Club Monaco Daylina coat in three colours). To complete this outfit off, Im wearing my slip-on Vans. I always forget I have these sneakers but they really are my ride-or-die shoes. Ive had them since high school and I always keep coming back to them. Vans are a classic, even though my friend, Vanessa, would say otherwise. She recently stated that they are going out of style. No Vans for Van then. A Vans-less Vanessa. Her name is just Essa now. Ha. Ha. HA.