Not Sacrosanct
They are not perfect untouchable pieces. They are meant to be worn, used, and altered. They are tools to your life. With that in mind, sustainability means using those tools. Saving things because theyre special means those tools are being unused. So wear that pretty dress camping or hiking (I have done both and have photographic evidence). The sleeves dont work for you? Alter them or have them altered. Tighten, or get rid of them completely. Dress top ruined? Turn it into a skirt and get a whole new look. Pants ripped? Then turn them into rags and save the environment by not using paper towels. If youre like me, I reuse material from clothes that no longer work but are still good quality to line the bags that I make and sell on Etsy. Give them away. Sell them. Or arrange a swap, or as we call em a Bitch n Switch. Where we all get together, spend some time laughing and catching up and swap our clothes around. And can I say how awesome it feels to catch up with other women, and totally support each other? I love telling these women how awesome their boobs, or butt, or whatever looks on them. Its just a love fest where you walk out with some cool new clothes. Point is, clothes are tools. They are meant to be used and changed to suit our needs.