Doughnut cat
I spend more time than Id like to admit in my car. Long commutes arent just a strain on the environment, theyre also empty nothing time. Last year, after listening through (and promptly getting sick of) the music on my ipod, I decided to try listening to podcasts and goodness, has it made a difference to my life in just about every way. I find podcasts difficult to find, so I thought Id share my lists of recommendations (please send me yours too!) #fashion #diyfashion #doughnuts #fashionphotography #blogpost #writing #podcast #doughnut #cat Read the full post here: https://theemeraldruby.com/the-emerald-ruby/podcasts-that-made-me-a-better-person Blog: theemeraldruby.com Facebook: facebook.com/theemeraldrubyblog/ Bandcamp: theemeraldruby.bandcamp.com Instagram: instagram.com/mooology/ Podcast: soundcloud.com/user-600192495 Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/2VLv32En3tRpF6ho5QYoh1 Youtube: youtube.com/c/theemeraldruby Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/user-959316635 Lookbook: lookbook.nu/mooology Ello: ello.co/mooology Twitter: twitter.com/theemeraldruby Society 6: society6.com/theemeraldruby Contact: jenteachesflute@gmail.com