Live Before I Die - Mike Posner
November is the worst month. Whos in agreement with me? The days are short and dark. Theres ice everywhere. The trees are bare. I cant go outside without freezing my lil booty off. Usually, all of this would be fine if it was December with the magic of the holidays just around the corner to look forward to. But November is just cold and angry and horrible. Im just not a fan. Ive been having so much trouble getting out of bed lately and Im just counting down the days until Christmas. Thats the only thing that can make me survive Winter. As Ive explained before on ze blog, I wear my parka (ootd here) and either my Uggs or Sorels 24/7 in the winter. However, that doesnt make for very good content for my outfit of the day posts so I take the risk of freezing to death in just a blazer and t-shirt to please all of you. Youre welcome. Please click my affiliate links below as a way of showing your appreciation. Haha just kidding. unless..? (Hopefully yall know the meme Im referencing). So this blazer. Its great. Its the Cherrelle blazer from Aritzia in the Sagesse colour and its the best blazer to ever be invented. My girl, Vanessa, introduced me to these blazers a couple of years ago and my life hasnt been the same since. I first got it in the Cairo Gold (AKA mustard yellow) colour (see here) but I always knew I needed to add another colour to my closet. So, when this sage green colour came out at Aritzia, I bought it immediately. Next up on my wishlist: the rusty red colour. Its perfect. Underneath my blazer, I am wearing my new favorite t-shirt. I picked it up at the Julia Michaels concert and it was the best night of my life. I flew to Vancouver and got to meet Julia Michaels as well as her whole band and it was just the most amazing experience. Originally when writing this blog post I was going to tell the whole story of that night but I think its going to be a story I keep to myself for now. What?! Taylor?! Youre NOT sharing something on the blog?! Unheard of. Although this blog has become an online diary of sorts, I feel like sometimes moments like this are more special if theyre kept to myself. So thats what Im gonna do.