Your Love - Portraits
Oomph. The first snowfall of the year is always the hardest. Even though it does look considerably nicer outside when everything is under a fresh layer of snow, its always a downer on my mood when Im so cold all the time. For the first couple of weeks of winter, I always try to hold off on bundling up. As everyone is pulling out their parkas and puffer jackets, I am still trying to stay warm in my Fall wool coats. Theres a couple of reasons for this. First, Im stubborn and I dont want to admit winter is actually here. Second, I find that if I wear my parka when its not that cold out (i.e -5C ), my parka wont keep me warm enough when its actually cold (i.e -30C). I need to force my body to re-calibrate with the changing temperatures. Very scientific, I know. And third, we get way too short of a fall here in Edmonton. And for a girl that has like 30 wool coats, I need more than just two weeks of fall to wear them all. Another thing that Im not ready to put away for the winter is my love of cheetah print. I feel like cheetah print is just so perfectly suited for Fall but I am determined to make it work in the winter months. First piece of clothing to wear in the snow? These cheetah print jeans. I picked these up from Zara last year on super clearance for $9.99 as a hey theyre like 10 bucks, why not and theyve quickly turned into my favorite jeans ever. They are what sparked the cheetah print obsession really. Today I paired them with my Aritzia Charlize coat that is really too light of a coat to be wearing in all this snow (I believe it was -16C this day) but I thought the rusty red shade paired so cute with the cheetalicious print. Speaking of cheetah, can we just talk about how Disney + came out and all of The Cheetah Girls movies are on there? Yall already know what Im gonna be doing all weekend. Watching that and Lizzie Mcguire of course. Living my best life. To make the outfit a little more exciting (because apparently cheetah print just isnt enough), I added this hat from Brixton. Im a little sad the whole cabbie/fiddler/baker boy/newsboy/train conductor hat (how can one hat have so many names?!) trend is fading away. Its such a nice thing to be able to just throw on a hat and hide all your bad hair days but look fashionable at the same time. Plus it protected my hair from all of the falling snow that day. The snow aint ruining my hair, yall. Not on my watch