Bake Code
Lately, Im all about the morning dates. youre fresh, and usually, with everyone at work, things are a bit quieter. I find that lower energy in the evenings can just make me irritable, so a morning day feels like a great indulgence. A trip to Bake Code was a perfect little getaway. They have three locations and the one I went to at Yonge and Sheppard is bright and full of so many choices. Picture a gourmet bakery with an Asian influence. I love their coffee flavored bun, their black sesame roll was so rich with not too much sweetness, and my personal favorite: the peanut butter filled croissant! Totally and utterly delectable. Send me a dozen please! There are so many cool choices, from sweet to savory (think cheese and meat assortments). And I definitely think a charcoal custard croissant needs to be tried.