Kissing Other People - Lennon Stella
I legitimately look forward to fall and winter and the colder weather because of only one thing. I hate everything about the snow and wind and cold except that it means I can pull out my Club Monaco Daylina coats. I got my first Club Monaco Daylina coat in the pink shade two years ago and it changed my life. It is everything I had ever wanted in a coat. Pale pink, long, warm, wool, classic. It was, and still is, perfect. And thus, the next year, when Club Monaco released it in two more colours, grey and camel, I bought those as well. So, suddenly, I owned the Daylina coat in not one, not two, but three colours. Some might say thats a tad obsessive. My mom would definitely agree with that statement. But when a coat is this perfect, you cant not own it in three colours. I thought I was content at having the Daylina coat in 3 colours. Pink, tan and black. What more could I want? But if theres one thing I always knew, it was that if Club Monaco ever came out with this coat in black, I would absolutely need to buy it. And so, I was casually browsing the Club Monaco website and guess what I saw? Yup, the Daylina coat in black. I guess these past two paragraphs are just a very roundabout way to warn yall that Im about to buy this coat in a fourth colour. I am going to wait a couple more weeks in hopes that it goes ore on sale because a $500 coat is just not in my budget right now (especially when I already own it in 3 other colours). But lets all cross our fingers that there will be a blog post very soon showing me wearing the Daylina coat in black. Or else I will cry. And go on strike from the blog. Seems like a reasonable reaction. I am obsessed with the pants Im wearing today. I just got these at Aritzia (during that crazy shopping spree I talked about) and theyre such a fun pant. They are called the Genie Check Pant and theyre a cool material. Theyre a slightly thicker, stretchy fabric (68% polyester, 28% viscose, 4% elastane) with a slim fit in the thigh and flare out subtly at the calf hitting right above my ankle. I just love the rusty red and black plaid over the winter white fabric. Please Aritzia, bring these pants out in other colours. I need them all. Apparently, the theme of this blog post is just me needing all of my favorite clothes in multiple colours. Spoken like a true shopaholic, yall. I paired these pants with a chunky knit black turtleneck that barely fit under my coat. My arms slightly resemble stuffed sausages here but its all worth it to be warm. Im also wearing my patent black Kendall and Kylie boots that have very quickly become my favorite boots. They are about to be put away for the winter (because they have absolutely zero grip on the ice) so see ya in a year boots!