4 Ways To Wear A Plunge Maxi Dress
If you follow me on instagram, youve probably seen some of these pics already, but I wanted to share anyway because I loved these pics so much. Jan Galvan and I shot these for The Codex Club a while back, and Im just getting to them now because things have been so ridiculously busy. On the plus side, Im going to churn out mad content so make sure you check back frequently. Friends, meet the live to love sage maxi dress from The Codex Club. Priced at $75.99, its not the most affordable item Ive featured on here, but its beautiful and great for special occasions. It actually reminds me a lot of the Socialyte dresses I own (click here and here to see). Like the latter, this has romper shorts underneath! Its very comfortable, but the plunge necklines revealing so youll definitely need fashion tape. The colors to die for though, and Im going to show you how you can get max wear out of it. >>>Click here to see more: http://bit.ly/4WaysPlungeMaxi. #asian #korean #plungeneckline #maxidress