Don't Stop Me Now
When you drastically change your hairstyle, it makes an impact on youre overall look. Since I chopped off my hair last August, ive been trying to experiment a bit with different styles that are more suited to my new look. Over the past year ive come to realize that the change isnt really as drastic as I once thought. It might also be that ive gotten more used to the new style. For a while I thought that I had to overhaul my entire wardrobe, but im now realizing that I can easily integrate most of my existing wardrobe to fit my current look. This outfit is a great example of that. I had the opinion that my shawls and kimonos were better suited to my long wavy hair, but now im finding that they look just as good with my current style. I paired this kimono with a few of my new favourite pieces, including this gorgeous bag by See By Chloe!