If You Need Me - Julia Michaels
I never get sick. I really dont. But when I do, I am the biggest baby about it. I got sick last Thursday. Thursday, September 19. Thats when my whole life changed. For the worst. Okay, lets stop the dramatics. It was just a simple cold but damn, it took me out. I was sick for ten days (nine days too many tbh) and it sucked. I lost my voice which was probably a blessing to everyone else as I have a problem of talking way too much. Side story: I was in San Francisco with my bestie, Vanessa, and she just turns to me and says You talk too much. Yes, honesty is key in any friendship I guess. So anyways, I was really sick for ten days and these photos were taken on that tenth day so if you can see the sickness in my eyes that is why. For the last little bit of summer I have been living in skirts. Its just so freeing. Pants are too constricting. I need to feel the wind between my legs. Do you Taylor? Do you really? When I was in San Francisco last month, I was hanging out with my best friend, Erin, and she asked me what I wanted to do and guess what was at the top of my list? Target. Im really mad at all you Canadians. We had finally gotten Target here in Canada and what did we do? We fucked it all up. And now, Target is gone for good. Theyre never coming back. And Im devastated. So, because of that, I probably spent three hours in Target when I was in San Francisco. But luckily (for my wallet), I only brought a carry-on suitcase with me so I didnt have the room to bring back a whole lot of stuff. But one thing that I did buy at Target was this cheetah print skirt. Im sure its no surprise that I love cheetah print but with as much cheetah print that I own, I dont have a single cheetah print skirt. Say cheetah print one more time Taylor, I dare you. But anyways, this skirt was like twenty bucks at Target and so, I needed it in my life. Its a super comfy cotton, midi skirt that, like all of my other skirts, can be easily dressed up or down. I love styling it like how I wore it today for work but I can also pair it with a chunky knit sweater and sneakers and make it super casual. Except I wont be able to wear it for much longer now that its started SNOWING. Yes, its already snowing. I should be used to Alberta winters by now but I just dread the start of all the snow so much every single year. But, while it was still Autumn and my bare legs were acceptable, I wore the skirt with a cropped black button up shirt, a long duster jacket and black tie-up flats. Simple but cute. Thats how I roll.