Glad He's Gone - Tove Lo
Its really not a true Edmonton summer if Im not wearing a sweater in the dead of summer at least once a year (take this post for example). Will we, as Edmontonians, ever have a summer where its actually hot for all four months? No, no we will not. It has been cold and windy and overcast (and with a chance of rain) every single day for four weeks now and its really pretty a dark cloud on my mood (please laugh at my pun. Wait, does that even count as a pun? Just laugh anyways). So because its been HELLA cold in July, I have had to resort to wearing a wool sweater. If the weather doesnt turn around and I dont get my +30C days back soon, Im rebelling and moving to Mexico. Its decided. I guess that wouldnt be the worst thing. I could really use a beach and some pina coladas right about now. Anyways, as horrible as it is having to wear a sweater in the middle of July, at least I have a super cute sweater on. Look at me being optimistic and looking at the positive side of things. I picked this sweater up at the Aritzia June Clientele Sale after eyeing it for a good six months last fall. Its the perfect sweater. Its made out of a boiled merino wool (yum) that is slightly structured which I really love. It makes this more of a jacket than a sweater. It has these gorgeous wide sleeves and folded lapels that makes it so unique yet versatile. I cant wait to wear this in the fall with booties and turtlenecks as well! Its a gorgeous piece. The only problem is that, because its wool, it does pill a little. But we will deal with than when it comes to that. For now, I will just continue to wear it every single day because I am cold af. I went for a slightly monochromatic look by pairing this matching mustard tank top underneath. This is one of my favorite tanks from Simons. They are double layered with a high neckline so they sit really beautifully on the body. I was ecstatic to see how close the two colours were in the tank and the sweater. It was a match made in heaven. Soul mates. Cut from the same cloth. Two peas in a pod. Everything that I will never have basically. Oomph, that made me sound hella salty that Im single and not in love. Im FINE.