Feels Like This - Maisie Peters
You might be wondering why Im wearing a fur bomber in the middle of June. But that perfectly sums up Edmonton weather for ya. One minute its sunny and plus 30C and the next its pouring rain and Im shivering. Edmonton weather changes its mood more often than I do (and thats saying a lot). Currently, Im sitting on my bed writing this post and Im sweating buckets. How I wish that it could be cold enough to wear a fur bomber again. But I know Im going to regret saying that the minute the temperature dips below 20C. So, speaking of this fur bomber, I have recently noticed that fur (and faux fur) bombers are making quite the comeback. I got this one a couple years ago from Forever 21 (how do I keep managing to find the best things from F21?!) for under 20 bucks, but it has managed to stay in style all these years. That show it was a damn good buy. I love that its uber casual with its bomber silhouette but the faux fur adds a little extra chicness to it. Thats my vibe, yall. Casual chicness. I like it. And, as usual, Im wearing a white t-shirt underneath the bomber. I cant even remember the last time I didnt wear a white t-shirt. Its just such a staple in the summer. If you were to look in my closet right now (please dont, thats creepy), you would see a whole half of the left side DEDICATED to white t-shirts. A girl addicted to plain white tees? Thats a new one. However, even though I do have an abundance of white t-shirts, I can never have enough because I have yet to find the perfect one. Close contenders are the Kotn tee ($30USD) and the Everlane Box Tee ($22USD) but neither are perfection. I thought the Kotn tee was perfect UNTIL they decided to revamp and change it. I havent tried the new edition but apparently it has a longer hem which I am so not a fan of. Bring. Back. The. Old. Style. (please) What was I saying before I went off on this tangent? Oh right, Im wearing a white tee under this bomber. Its from Zara. It was ten bucks and has a cute ruched pocket on the chest. Its nothing special. Sorry to disappoint. And nine times out of ten, if I am wearing a white t-shirt, you best believe I am wearing some sort of sneaker. Thats my favorite look. A good t-shirt, jeans that make my tushie (who tf says tushie, I just gagged) look good and a casual pair of sneaks. These Adidas Sleek sneakers have definitely been a favorite lately. Ive been rejecting all of my other shoes in favour of these lately. Theyre super comfy (did not have to break them in at all) and they match absolutely everything. They just get dirty really, really fast. What can ya do?