Sustainable Hosiery
Im sorry if Im repeating myself, but vintage and sustainable are so my jam and so of course I finally got to wear my vintage prairie dress with lace details. But since theres no way I could pull off pure angelic lace, a little sassing up was in order. Enter these fabulous pantyhose. Swedish Stockings is a sustainable hosiery brand. Fashion is the number two polluting industry and that needs to change ASAP. It happens one company, one customer, one purchase at a time. And so when asked to collaborate with this sustainable company, I immediately said, Yes! I chose a pair of patterned tights (these), and a pair of knee socks, which Ill share later. When I put this pair on, I went, Oh my f**king God!! Seriously, Im usually composed in my writing, but please imagine me freaking out right now. They were incredible. First off, theyre so well and solidly made , especially for lacy patterned tights, I was literally shocked. Im so rough on tightsI mean, brutal because I have zero patience with undergarments. These are sooooo solid. They even survived my excited dog jumping on my legs when I get home?!? I mean durable and sexy? Ill take two! Seriously, Im not f**king kidding you, these are amazing! And I love, love, love that they added a little sexy bordello to my angelic vintage. Cause lets face itaint nothin pure about me.