Work Wear
Recently I had a contract that meant I was working everyday on set mostly. One of those days I wore this outfit to work. True that my work on set did not require moving gear, or setting things up, so the attire requirement was not as strict, but still it was going to work. This dress is kind of reflective of my work style, dresses, stretch, and modesty. I dont want to be all sexy or flowy McGee because sexy isnt appropriate, and flowy is just going to get caught in somebodys wire. But theres no way I couldnt be me in any aspect of my life. So a stretchy comfortable but covering dress, and a long wool blend sweater jacket on top were perfect. And I was comfortable the whole day. At one point, one woman said she has the same dress but never wears it, and that seeing me running around all day in it has inspired her to wear hers. That, to me, was the best part of this whole blog/site/fashion life inspiring someone else to be free themselves.