City Rat
My newest blog post up now! bit.ly/2SjrUHp Heeeya Im Ellie! Your friendly neighbourhood ghost. I love eccentric fashion, dark poetry, buying too many shoes and laughing. Wanna hang out? FAN ME BABY Liked the look? Check out some of my YouTube videos here USA SEPHORA/DRUGSTORE MAKEUP HAUL - goo.gl/ELj3rT MECCALAND MAKEUP VLOG + HAUL - bit.ly/2qNm840 MILANO FASHION WEEK - goo.gl/QyhS9H ~ UBEREATS CODE ~ ~ eats-ellien202ue ~ SOCIALS Facebook: facebook.com/illicitempress/ Twitter: twitter.com/illicit_empress Instagram: instagram.com/illicitempress Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCi0eNLWbesvIhDV1ZVGDKcg Website: illicitempress.com/ Let's collab? ellie@illicitempress.com