Fashionable mall shopping
Hello my dear friends. Every time when I visit a shopping mall - to be honest the Plus City mall - with my sis, my mum or someone else, I love to think about what to wear and how to look good and fashionable Its a special afternoon and I want to appreciate the wonderful time together and the joy of doing some window shopping or real shopping In addition my style should be comfortable just to feel good the whole day And so it comes that I decided to wear my wide legged trousers with stripes, combined it with a warm sweater and a nice blouse underneath! The boots I wore are my beloved Zara boots and the colours of each piece match really well together The most important thing about my look is to bring all the important shopping stuff with me, like vouchers, some snacks and lots of water in my nice glass bottle to stay healthy and fit the whole time. As we were in the mall, at first we grabbed a good and big pot of caf latte and then the marathon started ok, to be honest, we just did some window shopping, but it was awesome we had that much fun and enjoyed the time together. As we were sitting and nipping our coffee we watched all the wonderful people around us and got inspired by them! Do you have some special afternoons with your beloved ones too? How do you spend them? I love to read all your thoughts and comments! Enjoy your days! #holiday #shopping #shoppingspree #pluscity #mall #fashion #style #happy #afternoon #fun #zara #hm #hmxme #smile #fashionable #stripes #lyvem #lyvemthelabel #lyvemgirls #wideleg #ootd #streetstyle