Chalet - Look
Today I show you an outfit, which I wore during a two day trip in Tirol! I was so happy to have a night in a cute and homy hotel named Alpenhotel Karwendel. There I participated two different yoga classes, because of the Namast im Schnee and I can tell you, that it was awesome. I never had such a wonderful yoga session before and the most wonderful part of this was the lookout on the snowy mountains right in front. If you see these huge natural formations then suddenly all your thoughts and matters get tiny and you realise that you are only one little part in a big world! The yoga session was special and right after that I enjoyed a nice evening in the hotel. To dress appropriately I wanted to wear my Szane wrap dress, which I bought in Paris during Summer. Because of the cool season I wore a white knit sweater with a collar underneath to feel and stay warm. My brown boots (they are pretty old) from Gabor are the perfect part for my feet. They are comfortable and more or less warm - but because I stayed at the hotel, then its not so important to me that these shoes dont protect me from freezing totally The charming hotel was special, I never did such a holiday before. Im more the person who prefers going to warmer states or places, but this time it was new for me to see such beautiful snowy mountains with trees full of snow and the feeling driving right through them, was like being in a fairytale! Have you ever been in such a place like me? Did you already attend a yoga confent? #snow #tirol #yoga #namasteimschnee #holiday #muchsnow #charming #silkdress #sezane #parisgirl #wonderful #nature #winter #rose #happy #smile #mountains #fashion #winterdress