Wild cat
Hey there ;) Do you feel good today? Today I show you a nice outfit with a leo / wildcat print! This mini skirt is as stylish as versatile. I love the print and the colours, which make the pattern awesome! Also the size of the pattern is perfect, not to tiny, not to big. In addition to all these things, it has a high waist, it fits well in waist and so I have the option to stick my shirts into the skirt and create a casual touch! The leoparden print is more than ever fashionable and there are so many fashion pieces with this look. If you wear a whole leo look or just one accessory like a scarf, a handbag or shoes, you look stylish and well dressed. I for one love this pattern more than anything else. And I have quite a few wardrobe staples that are made out of the wildcat print! Maybe your opinion is the same like mine just write your thoughts below, I appreciate every single word Have a great day! #leo #leopardenprind #wildcat #lyvem #lyvemthelabel #lyvemgirls #office #sockboots #miniskirt #autumn #winter #happy #smile #streetstyle #fashion #style #print #pattern