Waiting for Warmer Days
What I Am Wearing: I am so ready for spring. It reached 80 degrees for one day last week and then it went back down to the 40s and 50s so I have not been able to put away my winter clothes yet. To keep myself warm, I have a ton of sweaters on rotate including this one. They are so easy to just pull on and wear with a skirt or slacks before I head to work. Luckily it warm enough to not wear a thick jacket, but still too chilly to go bare legged. Coincidentally, my outerwear matches my top and bottom. FEATURING LIA SOPHIA TIERED STONES NECKLACE H&M GREY SWEATER PLEATED PATTERN SKIRT FROM KOREA NASTYGAL CROSSBODY BAG UNIQLO TIGHTS SKECHERS SUEDE BOOTIES See more on my blog: http://www.themeldivision.com I would love to stop by yours too!