SEE THE FULL POST ON CLOSETVOMIT.COM When I was sixteen years old, I took down all of the posters and magazine clippings that I had so intricately taped to my bedroom wall. Considering the hours upon hours that I spent crafting this enormous inspiration collage, one may think that this was a very painful process for me. However, it was not. In fact, it was quite the opposite: my pictures, despite how much I adored every little NYLON clipping and indie band poster, were contributing to me having panic attacks. There were so many colors and details all around me that I could not focus on my homework or reading books or even having fun with my friends. By the time I was finished taking down the pictures to expose bare white walls, I felt a sense of rebirth and cleansing. I felt so full and peaceful. I slept better. This was the first time I realized I am a minimalist. Regarding the outfit that I chose for this post, I chose to be as raw and realistic as possible. This is the go-to outfit I love to wear when I am alone at home. Home is the place in which we are the most honest and pure with ourselves, and I feel that spreading that honesty and purity to this submission would best demonstrate the true meaning of home to me. Home is my comfort, my studio, and my haven of tranquility. I choose to surround myself with decor (or in my case, more like a lack of decor) that makes me feel happy inside whenever I see it. When I come home on my bicycle every day and open the door, I feel a sigh overcome me and I feel relaxed and at ease. I see others feel the same way, and not necessarily towards the place that they live. I see people find that feeling of home in their family, their art studios, and even in their favorite local coffee shop. Home is where we feel we belong. Please check out the photographs of my bedroom in my apartment in PHX over on the blog! #home #welcomehomelookbookcontest #welcomehome #welcomehomelookbook #lookbook #fashion #style #lifestyle #minimal #minimalist #minimalism #doughnuts #yumdeliciousdoughnutsiloveyouso #leggings #sweater #slippers #fuzzyslippers #fuzzy #warm #americanapparel #gap #thegap #jessicasimpson #dearjessicasimpsoniloveyourslippersloveashley #comfort #comfy #athomewithme #ashleyballard #closetvomit