DELUXE Lonely Boy PACKAGE - Film + Soundtrack
This package contains: 1) Digital Download/Streaming of LONELY BOY - HD 1080p (2.18GB file) - HD 720p (1.13GB file) - SD 540p (882MB file) 2) Official Score & Soundtrack Score Composed by Steven Roth & Matt Dahan. Soundtrack features original music from artists Steven Roth and Hannah Glavor. - 25 mp3 tracks, including original songs "Let It In" by Steven Roth & "Wells Run Dry" by Hannah Glavor - iTunes Compatible FILM SYNOPSIS: Over three days, a schizophrenic bachelor (FRANKY) has to deal with the harsh realities of the dating world, an intrusive, ball-busting sister, three overwhelming 'roommates,' and a shot at love, all while seeking answers to a past he cannot remember. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "Shockingly disturbing yet emotionally satisfying. I gave LONELY BOY five stars and a place on my Top Picks." ~ Larry Richman, @larry411 "A warm, funny, and engaging film that sneaks up on you, captures your heart, and haunts you for days after. A beautiful film by any standards." ~ Dan Ireland "There is no doubt that the stunning piece of art that is LONELY BOY is still with me and may never leave." ~ Aggi Ashagre, The Daily Reveille