Brazil Wins My World Cup @ Le Pario Restaurant, Paris | Liquid Marmalade
Hands up who knew Iran had a football team let alone qualified for the 2014 World Cup? I had no idea until I drew them in the office World Cup sweepstake I organised in Paris. The French I have now learnt don't understand the concept of a sweepstake or is that just a sweeping generalisation (couldn't resist the pun). After much discussion and several meetings (quite) everyone agreed that €2 was a reasonable amount to put in the pot until it was announced that the winner would win and keep 75% of the pot and the runner up 25%. That's not very fair was heard through the chorus of moans they should have to buy coffee for everyone was added - not that égalité, liberté, fraternité BS I thought. No no I said they can do what they like with the money betting isn't a socialist thing! Realising I was never going to win the sweepstake I decided to take myself off on a solo dining adventure to taste the cuisine of the 2014 World Cup winners -you read it here first - Brazil of course!