Total Beauty Year-Round. Why changing your skincare routine seasonally is a must!
While there's nothing you can do about seasonal changes, that doesn't mean your skin has to suffer the consequences. As the seasons rotate, the constant you may notice is your skin trying to acclimate to these shifts. Your skin tells your story and regardless of the season, having great skin year-round is possible. Here are some tips to guide you and your skincare through the year: COLDER SEASONS ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE TIP: Our skin endures a cold and harshness this time of year, causing our skin’s top layer to dry quickly. Sensitive skin may become irritated, causing redness and flakiness while cell renewal and skin circulation decreases, causing our skin to lose its fresh glow. This is the perfect season to incorporate a moisturizer or Gelée like the Lifeline Refresh Polishing Gelée. With soothing aloe vera and green tea, this gelée can help alleviate dryness and help retain a glowing complexion, leaving your skin rejuvenated through the dryer season. SPRING ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE TIP: Spring is a time of revival and a good skin detox. As you bid farewell to cold weather, you may be left with congested winter skin. The thick winter moisturizers used have left behind a protective barrier layer on your skin to retain moisture, thus blocking pores and your natural glow. During allergy season switching to a less harsh cleanser with an exfoliant will help shed dead skin cells, revealing smoother and brighter skin. The Lifeline Skincare Brightening Cleanser is an excellent multitasking cleanser that can be used everyday. SUMMER ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE TIP: UVA/UVB rays are harmful and are especially damaging during the summer month when our exposure levels are higher. Your summer skincare regime should focus on sun and heat protection, in addition to maintaining your regular skincare routine. When ambient humidity is high enough, the skin can actually pull water out of the environment. Making the switch to a lighter moisturizer is best for summer skincare since the skin produces more of its own natural oils. Lifelines Intense Moisture Serum reverses visible signs of aging while actively moisturizing, dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, go ahead, and enjoy your summer adventures. (Remember your SPF and Lip Balm protection too!) An evolving skincare routine is a year-round commitment. Approach seasonal skincare with confidence! Listen to what your skin is telling you and understanding your skin type is the first step to enjoying healthier looking skin every day of the year. A little extra TLC can go a long way in the fight against premature aging. We offer a risk-free 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase. Discover your skincare routine today. Shop Now!