Top 13 Flat Tummy Foods | Liezl Jayne
MY 13 FLAT TUMMY FOODS In this post, I'm going to show which 13 foods are my "go-to" foods for getting a flatter tummy! MY GO-TO FOODS I LOVE food - and I love to eat foods that are packed with nutrients and are also low in calories... because when I eat foods that are full of healthy nutrients & low calorically, I feel like I am getting the best value for my buck - and for my waistline. Low calorie foods don't have to be boring - every day I eat delicious foods that are really healthy, full of nutrients and full of flavor. I know that a lot of women don't know what foods to eat to lose weight and get a flatter tummy (while still nourishing their bodies & not compromising on taste), and so I wanted to share my top 13 foods that I ate to get a flatter tummy while I was trying to lose weight. I now try to eat these foods every week to maintain a flat tummy - I eat some of these foods every day and others I try to eat once or a few times a week. YES PLEASE These foods are