My 3 morning routine obsessions (that have changed my entire day) | Liezl Jayne
3 SIMPLE THINGS IN THE AM My current morning routine obsessions for a healthier day Hey guys! Today I just wanted to share 3 simple things with you (aka my current 3 morning routine obsessions), that have been making a really positive impact on my day (they make me feel healthier, and more ready for my day). They are all very easy things, and that's what I love most about them! Hope you enjoy! LIEZL XO 1 - A QUICK BREAKFAST WITH A HEALTH KICK AKA an easy green smoothie with greens powder + spinach / or overnight oats with a probiotic coconut yogurt - GT's CocoYo is my fave, and it def has a kick trust me (this is not your regular coconut yogurt, but a super healthy probiotic punch). It takes a minute to get used to, but it makes me feel so great. But you can also use any other coconut yogurt, or even a full cream dairy yogurt if you do eat dairy (I recommend plain unsweetened for both types). For a super simple (less than 5 minute) breakfast, I've been loving to have overnight