How To Stay Fuller and Have More Energy After Meals | Liezl Jayne
HOW TO STAY FULLER + HAVE MORE ENERGY In this post, I'm going to be sharing a few quick tips on how to stay fuller for longer, and how to have longer lasting sustained energy after meals. This is actually an extract from my book (page 48), but I really wanted to share this with you on the blog today - because these are 2 questions that I get asked a lot (how to stay fuller for longer, and how to have sustained energy). Have you ever eaten a meal and felt so tired (with zero energy) afterwards? Or have you ever been hungry again 30 minutes after finishing breakfast or dinner? I bet that most people have been able to answer "yes" to these 2 questions at one point or another - But, the good news is that when you know how to build your meals like a pro, you can begin to feel fuller after meals and have longer lasting sustained energy. And, even better news - there's only a few simple tricks that you need to know to start bulding your meals "like a pro". Liezl Jayne XO THE GENERAL RULE