Honest Beauty Everything Tinted Moisturizer Review | Liezl Jayne
HONEST BEAUTY TINTED MOISTURIZER + REVIEW an honest Honest Beauty tinted moisturizer review I always prefer to use natural make-up and skincare products on my face and skin. I've tried many natural products over the years (some were good and some were not-so-good) – and so when I find a great one, I just want to tell everyone about it! And The Honest Beauty tinted moisturizer, I'd have to say (honestly) has been my fave natural makeup find this year! Every girl needs a good tinted moisterizer for everyday coverage! LOVE FOR HONEST BEAUTY All natural, easy to use and afforable Ever since I started wearing makeup, I've been extremely fussy about the foundation that I use - like fussier than the average fussy person. I'd rather wear no foundation than wear a foundation brand that I don't trust completely. Some foundations and tinted moisturizers are full of chemicals and toxic ingredients - it kind of makes me freak out when I put it on my skin (especially since I have very