Healthy Scrambled Egg Breakfast Tacos (gluten-free, dairy-free) | Liezl Jayne
HEALTHY BREAKFAST TACOS Breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs, tomato and baby spinach If you're going to celebrate Taco Tuesday, you gotta do it right! And what could be more 'right' than starting the day with a breakfast taco? It's easy and filling, and it's the perfect start to any day (Even if it's not Taco Tuesday). The word taco actually means 'light lunch' but I'm sure you'll make an exception for this delicious breakfast taco! No one knows exactly when the taco was invented, but when tacos first became popular in Mexico they were actually served to silver mine workers on thin sheets of paper covered in gun powder. Talk about a taste explosion! (the sheets of paper were covered in gun powder, not the tacos). While this recipe isn't from a Mexican kitchen and isn't an authentic Mexican dish, it has been loosely inspired by Mexican cuisine. I mean, who doesn't like breakfast with a Mexican twist? I don't like to spend too much time making breakfast, and so these breakfast tacos