Appetite VS. Hunger – What's The Difference for Weight Loss? | Liezl Jayne
APPETITE VS. HUNGER - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Are you hungry, or do you just have a hearty appetite? Note: This post is an adaptation from my book The Beautiful Body Guide. We are all familiar with that feeling of wanting to eat. We crave food for various reasons: hunger, habits, need for nutrition, need for comfort, during that time of the month, and even because we crave what we usually eat and when we usually eat. So, how can you tell the difference between when you need to eat (hunger), and when you just want food but don't need it (appetite)? Hunger is a biological need activated from within us. It is a cue given to you by your body letting you know that you need nutrients (you need food). It is the feeling that you get after you have finished a workout, and at breakfast, lunch and dinner time when your body needs fuel for sustenance, fuel for it's cells and fuel for normal functioning of the body. Appetite, on the other hand, is completely different to hunger. Appetite is