3 Things To Do Before 9am (For a Healthy Day) | Liezl Jayne
3 THINGS TO DO BEFORE 9AM 3 easy morning routine habits that I swear by for a healthier day How you start your day defines how your day will go. Having a regular morning routine will not only help launch your day the right way, but it will also help you form healthy habits that will become like second nature to you. But who has time for a lengthy routine every morning? Sure weekend mornings are sometimes less hectic, but most often weekday mornings are busy. I do these 3 quick morning routine habits to get my day started right (and I never skip on number 1, no matter what happens). 3 EASY MORNING ROUTINE HABITS There are three things that I do every morning, and they help me to feel focused, calm and energized throughout the day. I have noticed that when I skip any one of these (or all) in a day, my day feels chaotic and stressful, and I struggle to concentrate (I feel all over the place). If you incorporate these three things into your early morning routine, you might start to