25 Low Calorie Vegetables Good for Weight-loss (That You'll Love) | Liezl Jayne
25 LOW CALORIE VEGGIES YOU'LL LOVE Vegetables for great for weight loss and increased energy In this post, I'll be sharing my 25 favorite low cal veggies with you! Vegetables have a bad rap for being boring, tasteless and just… 'icky'. But the good news is that they don't have to taste like the boiled cabbage or canned beans and carrots of your childhood. Vegetable dishes can be delicious and flavorful - it's all about how you prepare or cook them! But wait, there's even more good news: Vegetables are pretty low in calories, so while your taste-buds are partying up a storm (with the healthy veggie recipes you can find on my YouTube channel and blog), your hips will be thanking you at the same time. Bulking up a meal with low-calorie vegetables will help to keep you fuller for longer with longer-lasting sustained energy. So you'll be able to shake it till the early hours of the morning without having to stop for a snack (win-win!) Vegetables are high in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins