This video contains nearly two hours of instruction in leglocking techniques. In addition to covering the basics of leglocks and defenses against them, the video teaches dozens of set ups for the toe holds, kneebars, achilles locks, heel hooks, calf crunches and shin crushers. The instruction includes plenty of references to actual MMA and submission grappling matches when these very techniques were used by some of the most famous fighters in the world. If you don't know much about leglocks, this DVD will give you all the key concepts to develop a well-rounded leglock game. If you are already a leglock expert, look for very simple yet powerful variations to make your leglocks much more effective. – The Essential Mechanics for Ankle Locks, Heel Hooks, Toe Holds, Kneebars, Shin Locks and Calf Crunches. – The Infamous variation on the Heel Hook known as the "Hell Hook" – Setups and Attacks from Standing, and from All Key Positions on the Ground. – The most useful leglocks drill there is. Daniele Bolelli has competed in submission grappling and has fought professionally in mixed martial arts. He is a leglock specialist, and the majority of the techniques shown here are the same he has applied successfully in competition. He is also the author of the book "On the Warrior's Path".