I made it to the Woodstock 50 year anniversary and it did not disappoint. » While it was way more organized that the original, the vibes weren't that far off. Bethel Woods, NY was packed with people from all over the country traveling back in time for this 50 year anniversary celebration. With headliners like Ringo Starr, The Doobie Brothers, Santana, and John Fogherty I wasn't shocked that the couple parked next to us at the tailgate was from Ohio and planned a nine hour road trip to this three day festival. Santana was my favorite performer of the weekend, however Grandpa Woodstock (as pictured below) really was the highlight of the weekend. I swear meeting G-Pa Woodstock and talking to his family (which I couldn't figure outfit it was his real family or "family") transported us right back to the original Woodstock. Which we found out that he was indeed at, the proof is in the pudding. TRAVEL THE WOODSTOCK 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY LAYNE FABLE