SOOCAS -- Innovation is the dogma(part 1)
Greetings, fellow adventurers! Let's talk about SOOCAS today, how it started and how are their products. Let's head back to the time of 2000s era, what is the first thing comes into your mind when thinking about china? Beijing Olympic? Shanghai EXPO? Or, if you remember, low quality bootleg products from china starts flooding into the market. Yes, this sounds racism or unfair. But that was about the time Made in china product starts really shine(Both good and bad ways). Looking back to it from now, it was a dark age of industrial design. Innovation and original designs were mocked as they are not much a strong contender for the deformed market. After years bombardment of these undesirable bootleg products. A group of people rise and say no to this deformed market with their action while believing the dogma of innovation, SOOCAS was born. Founded in 2015, Shenzheng, SOOCAS aim to make electrical products that provides both fashionable and high technological design, believe in the dogma of