Wine Glass To Bring Along During A Trip
A wine glass to carry along while traveling by Mr. Hiroshi Kojitani. Mr. Hiroshi Kojitani is a designer who has been involved in the creation of “Mujirushi” and proposed a lifestyle of the generation. His passion as a wine lover is widely known and he received the “Chevalier Medal” from France. Having traveled a lot both domestically and internationally, hoping for “Perfect glass for wine during traveling” he developed the “Travel glass” especially for red, white and champagne and have it manufactured in the top-ranked factory in Hungary. The large bottom is designed to be stable so that it can be used while moving on board the airplane or on the Shinkansen.Light, thin and beautiful, the glass is engraved with the mark of Mr. Hiroshi Kojitani. Put it in a sturdy, light paper case and take it with you anywhere.