Just the Crowdfunding Masterclass Interviews
Already seen the documentary? Thinking about a Crowdfunding campaign of your own? Check out over 2.5 hours complete, deep dive interviews with some of the most successful crowdfunding creators in history. These experts talk about everything from launching a campaign to managing rewards to thinking big and growing a business on the back of a success Kickstarter. These interviews are a must watch for anyone considering about a crowdfunding campaign. The best part: We will keep adding more in-depth, full length crowdfunding expert interviews on a regular basis. Current Interviews include: - Amanda Palmer (Musician & Top Grossing Music Kickstarter of All Time) - LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Raised over $5 Million) - Eric Migicovsky (Pebble, two of the three top Kickstarter campaigns of all time) - Chris Roberts (Creator of Star Citizen, Over $100 Million raised) - Peter Dering (Peak Design, over $8 Million raised)