ON THE DAY 21-Video Bonus Package
This bonus package includes 21 separate videos that will totally immerse you into the musical talent of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band as well as some of its individual members. - MSR Qualifier (BBC coverage with 4 cameras) - MSR Final with Bob Worrall’s Commentary (BBC coverage with 4 cameras) - Medley Final with Bob Worrall’s Commentary (BBC coverage with 6 cameras) - Eaun MacCrimmon plays the entire piobaireachd "Lament to the Earl of Antrim" on the Isle of Skye - 7 concert performances by Roddy MacLeod, Alasdair Gillies, Euan MacCrimmon & Angus McColl - Stuart Samson, MBE plays at the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland - Busking on Buchanan Street in Glasgow - 6 video tutorials of Roddy MacLeod’s practice recordings for the band with sheet music - Roddy’s home practice of the band’s medley - “The Proper Way to Tie a Necktie” with Alasdair Gillies