When A Hero Dies: My Tribute to Anthony Bourdain
When a personal hero or a celebrity who has touched your heart dies it can be tragic and painful. We live in a world where it is easier to follow the lives of the artists we appreciate through social media and on-demand streaming of videos, TV shows and movies. You could literally watch them and listen to them every day if you wanted to. Some may think it silly or not even possible to actually grieve the death of a celebrity, a person you never knew. However, if their art and their craft touch our own lives in fundamental ways, then they are a very real part of our daily lives and when they are gone, so is the way in which their lives enrich our own. Sometimes a book or a song can help us through a difficult time in our lives, or binge-watching No Reservations can give our wander lusting heart the chance to see more of the world even if we can't afford to leave our hometown. This makes the death of our personal heroes very real, and often very difficult to bear.