Eat Like an Italian: No Guilt (How Sardinia helped me with my unhealthy relationship with food)
Even though I loved food, wrote about food, created food, it was my enemy. I was dealing with some health issues and believed very strongly that through diet, I could heal myself. I've always believed in the power of food. I still do. But my relationship with food has changed. A lot of it has to do with living in a country where there is no guilt based food marketing. Italians don't feel shame about eating good food. In fact, you can pry the pasta and bread out of their cold dead hands thank you very much. And don't even talk to them about how you can' t cook with olive oil. How did Sardinia help me deal with my unhealthy relationship with food? Just like the rocks that have been shaped here over millions of years of those winds; I am also being shaped by Sardinia. This old island doesn't suffer fools.