Hot Version Vol. 128 English Subtitles - HD
Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers, we were able to release Hot Version Vol.128 in English! Battle Royale in Tsukuba: MMA racing style with cars from different disciplines matched up to race at Tsukuba Circuit. Things get dangerous in wet conditions! ★RACING CARS GT300 Hatsune Miku Good SmileBMW  - SUPER GT 300 / V8 4400cc 480ps FR 1250kg - Team NOVA AUDI R8 LMS ultra  - SUPER TAIKYU GT3 / V10 5200cc 550ps MR 1250kg - RSD Ferrari 430 Challenge  - Ferrari Challenge Cup / V8 4300cc 490ps MR 1235kg - AE86N2 Hot-Version LEVIN  - C/SGC AE86 N2 / S4 1800cc 230ps FR 820kg - ★DRIFT CAR DRIVE M7 ADVAN MAX ORIDO 86  - D1GP / V8 7500cc 650ps FR 1280kg - ★TUNER CARS J’s RACING Sequential S2000  - S4 2400cc 330ps FR 1050kg - HKS GT1000 R35GT-R  - V6 4100cc TURBO 1200ps AWD 1580kg - Under SUZUKI S15 SILVIA  - S4 2200cc TURBO 800ps FR 1050kg - A retrospect look at Keiichi Tsuchiya's 2004 Tsukuba time attack record in the ARTA NSX JGTC GT500 race car that still remains. Touge Showdown New Generation FF Sports Keiichi "Drift King" Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido and Nobuteru Taniguchi match up JDM tuners to the new bench mark of FF sports, the VW Golf GTI. - Volkswagen Golf GTI - GIOMIC MINI G156RS - LEG Sports Mazda Axela XD - Spoon Sports Fit3 with K20A Engine Swap The Drift Muscle 2014 Reports from Rd.1 Nikko and Rd Maze Circuit! 2013 Champion Kiguchi comes back with a Supra drift car. HV News