Hot Version Vol. 127 English Subtitles - HD
Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers, we were able to release Hot Version Vol.127 in English! ·Tsukuba Attack 2014 GT-R Nismo: 2014 MY GT-R NISMO ·Mine’s and HKS GT-R: Where they are heading? Mine's GT-R Super Response Spec, HKS GT1000 GT-R 1000HP ·Rotary Fighters Special: The FEED FD3S conquered the touge, but will it be able to maintain its crown on the track as well? FEED Touge Monster FD3S, FEED FD3S NA version, FEED Rotary Roadster, LEG Motorsports RX-8, Auto Craft Kyoto FD3S, RE Wing FD3S, FEED FD3S GunMeta Version. ·Tuner Battles Fit vs.Swift: In a stock car battle, the Fit RS took down the Suzuki Swift Sport. We take both tuner cars to the track to see which compact rules! Spoon FIT, Seeker FIT, J's Racing FIT, Corrman FIT, Monster SWIFT, TK Square SWIFT, Tri Force SWIFT ·Hot Version News: Hattori Naoki competes at the 25H of Thunderhill in the US & Tsukuba AE86 Fest Report