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STREET TUNING BATTLE ROYALE IN TSUKUBA Entry cars: Touge Machines: 1.Spoon Civic FN2 250HP 2. Seeker Civic FD2 280HP 3. Arvou S2000 350HP 4. C-ser Impreza 480HP 5. MCR R35 GT-R 650HP Circuit Machines 1. Garage 4413 Z33 350HP 2. Amuse 370Z 380HP 3. Top Secret GT-R 1000HP Drivers Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, Nobuteru Taniguchi, Seiji Ara, Kazuyoshi Okamura, Shinichi Kobayashi, Yusaku Shibata, Ryo Teraoka. STEP UP TUNING TEST TOYOTA 86 We check to see how the Toyota 86 improves in performance as we tune up the car from stock to high grip tires, suspension upgrades, exhaust and weight reduction. TOUGE SHOWDOWN TOYOTA 86 & SUBARU BRZ CLASS Does the 86/BRZ have the potential to become a "Touge Machine" like the Honda S2000? We explore the potential of this popular car. Even that Honda tuner, Spoon has a 86 in their stable! 1. Amuse 86 2. Type One 86 3. HKS BRZ 4. Pleasure BRZ THE DRIFT MUSCLE 2012 ROUND 1 MEIHAN SPORTSLAND BEAT THE HEAT AT THE TRACK WITH THE GP SPORTS MEGATECH COOLING FAN