7 most important interior trends for spring
It’s the time of year when lots of us start to think about refreshing our homes. These are the top trends in interiors that you need to know about. Make room for comfort The atmosphere of uncertainty that made us embrace hygge in 2017 hasn’t gone anywhere, which means that now more than ever we need a comforting retreat. Our home is our safe haven, our sanctuary from the stresses of work and our constantly switched-on lives. Create soft silhouettes with chunky knits and sumptuous velvets. Surroundings filled with natural materials and hues like Dulux’s colour of the year, Heart Wood, give us the space to reconnect with ourselves and with each other. Get mysticalThe mindful home is transformed into the mystical home in this trend for 2018. The meditative mindset spreads throughout the house, with rich jewel tones on walls complemented by the pale pinks of Himalayan salt lamps. Accessorise with scented candles and zen bowls, and bring self-care rituals and sensory experiences to the heart of your home. Adding hints of bold colour like kale green and petrol blue will help you tune in to your spirituality. Jungle madness Bringing the outdoors inside with house plants, botanical prints and shades of green was a huge trend in 2017 - it’s only going to grow in 2018. Large plants make a striking statement if you have space, while smaller plants add colour and texture if you don’t. Low maintenance succulents are great, but don’t be afraid to get more adventurous - try textural air plants, flashes of colour and patterned foliage. Plants are at home in every room, displayed in woven baskets, glass terrariums or handmade ceramics, but especially in hanging planters. Beautiful imperfections In 2018 we’re finding the beauty in imperfection - both in life and in objects - and celebrating the flaws that make treasured items precious. The current craft revival values the authenticity of artisan-made products, where you might be able to see the maker’s thumbprint in your favourite coffee mug. Aged surfaces give rooms a low maintenance, lived-in feel. Combine the manmade and natural, like polished concrete on distressed wood. This trend is rooted in the Japanese concept of ‘wabi-sabi’ - something you should expect to hear a lot more about this year. Express yourself To create a home that you want to spend time in, the space has to work for you and your needs. Personalise products to make them look or function a certain way, and by injecting your personality your rooms will really feel like they’re yours. This trend embraces individuality and the quirks that make objects unique. Create your own pressed flower artwork to fill a beautiful frame or curate a collection of handmade pieces. Moody kitchens Kitchens are getting dark and dramatic this year. White-on-white retires in favour of charcoals, blacks and deep greens for units and worktops. You can make an impact with unusual but functional lighting. Black steel, antiqued brass and bronze accents will replace copper and rose gold accents, tying back to the wabi-sabi trend. Multifunctionality Smaller living spaces demand clever solutions and smart design, especially for those in big city private rentals. For these modern nomads, flexibility is essential and so furniture in particular has to work hard. It needs to be both beautiful and functional - storage has to perform as decor and vice versa. Tap into other trends with aged wood units and open shelving where you can display prized possessions.