Release Notification Product Update HERE Platform for Business 11/2016 (D74)
Dear Customer, please be advised that a new release (D74) of the HERE Platform for Business is now available on the Production environment (PRD). We send this email to all those who apply for access credentials to the platform, based on the information they provide when registering. This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates of: Geocoder API, Geocoder Autocomplete API, HLP Routing API, Map Image API, Map Tile API, Public Transit API, Venue Maps API, Custom Location Extension, Route Match Extension, Toll Cost Extension, Waypoints Sequence Extension, Platform Data Extension, HERE Android SDK, HERE iOS SDK and Map Data. As well, we will publish the release documentation on theDeveloper Portal. Management Summary The release is mainly a maintenance release; highlights are: New HERE Android and iOS SDK Release with support of Android 7.0 Nougat and iOS 10, offline truck routing, Platform Data Extension and other enhancements. Improved long truck route calculation for routes going across borders Waypoints Sequence Extension: added support up to 150 waypoints New major Map release deployed, Q3 2016, Map#64 (October 2016) Launch of Rapid Refresh for Hybrid Client Application to enable much fresher map dataset.