Oak Leaf Gourd Bowl with Decoupage Lining with Gloria Crane
This is one of Gloria's most popular Fall classes of all time, and when she was teaching it in person to students the cost was over $65.00. Now you can have this incredible class to watch in the comfort of you own home as many times as you like, for only $49.95. You'll discover: - How to cut a lid that fits - Great tips for using a mini jigsaw - Special techniques for making your cut line seem invisible - Best methods for pattern placement - Special tips for cleaning the inside of your gourd to prepare for the decoupage lining - How to color your leaves - How to make the stipple carved areas around your leaf design - How to attach a custom gourd stem - The best ways to color carved surfaces - How to repair spots and blemishes on your gourd, including how to make your repaired area match the rest of your gourd - How to make and attach the beautiful 3-D leaves - How to create a gorgeous interior lining for your gourd using Gloria’s easy decoupage technique - and much more!