Creating a Gourd "Tree Lamp" with Pamala Redhawk
Taught live, this class would normally cost over $95.00! Now Just $29.95! Plus you'll get a special bonus project called "How to Make a Dreamcatcher in a Gourd," FREE (a $29.00 Value)! In this full-length class (1 hr 15 min), you’ll discover everything you need to know to create this beautiful “Tree Lamp” from a gourd! Watch as Pam takes you step-by-step through design, woodburning, pattern cut-outs, painting, lamp assembly, and more! Her simple instruction and easy-to-follow style make this project great for gourd lovers of ANY experience level! In this gourd class, you’ll discover: - Which to pick first, the gourd or the lamp base? (And why it's important) - The right and wrong way to use your Stick 'n Burn pattern - A new way to use your Fili-Point burr (and why Pam says it's one of her favorite tools!) - and much more! Plus you'll also see an exclusive interview with Pam, which includes shots of her amazing artwork, what inspires her as an artist, and an inside peek at an exciting new project she is working on! BONUS: Pam shows you how to create a dreamcatcher in a gourd as part of a special Bonus Project at the end of the video! That's 2 projects in 1!