Exercising upside down is the latest fitness craze so I decided to give aerial yoga a try
At the end of last year, I tried out aerial yoga for the first time and found myself really taking to it. I had tried mat yoga before but because of my height and not being very supple I struggled to get into the various poses, and wasn't enjoying it. I was a bit nervous to try my first aerial yoga class but the yoga teach (Darden Lotz) made me feel very comfortable, and spent time make sure I got into position correctly. I found I got more support from the hammock and this allowed me to do poses that I wasn't able to do in normal class, and now I am able to do many of the mat poses that I wasn't able to do before. I have now to my 10th aerial yoga class and really feel the difference. Benefits of Aerial Yoga: Total Body workout Great for back and core strength It's relaxing It' apparently drains the lymphatic and circulatory systems It's fun Some Points to Remember in an Aerial Yoga Class Remove rings and jewellery before class it it gets caught on the fabric Tape up your zips to prevent them from being caught in fabric Wear a t-shirt with sleeves, not a vest. You do sweat a lot and its unhygenic if you're wearing a vest. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid lose clothing that can get caught. Do not use hand cream before class Drink a lot of water after class, as its very detoxing hanging upside down Classes are done barefoot