Gaia Rising Now TV Episode 4 feat. Lynn from Psychic Focus Blogspot
A bi-monthly Internet TV show exploring the origins of humanity; featuring Global artists, advocates and alchemists who support Mother Earth. In this episode: Lynn from Focus Sessions Psychic BlogSpot, is our guest. I have followed her since 2011 and utilize her posts as a touchstone with my own inner vision and we are always in perfect alignment. I trust her and have vetted her to be 100% reliable! She is an unassuming mother and wife; sharing her skill in service. Since we did a podcast for Lynn's interview, I shared fine art from artists: Capt Rex and Cameron Murley to provide ample visuals. Also in this episode: Dylan Donnelly of Fresno People's Media shared footage of the People's Climate March for Real Leadership in Oakland Feb. 7, 2015. Puppet Poet: Keith Merritt shares his short film "Shaman in the Trees".